Feeling Depressed or anxious? Try these 7 activities to lift your mood!

We all are experiencing challenges and difficulties during this period of time. Life as we know it has changed and with these changes have affected our mental wellbeing. Some of us are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and family conflicts.   Use these activities to lift your spirit. These activities are not meant to treat any mental health symptoms but to help you manage your daily stressors. If would like to speak to a therapist, please send us a message using the contact us page.

Consider trying these strategies to address your depression and anxiety:

  1. Engage in selfcare. When your body is poorly taken care of, your mind suffers as well. One of the best things you can do when you’re feeling depressed is to put some emphasis on your body. Eight hours of sleep, healthy food, and a reasonable dose of exercise can do wonders for your mood.
  2. Declutter and redecorate. Feeling under the weather psychologically? It’s time to declutter. Buy a plant. Hang some artwork that you love. Redecorate your bedroom and create an accent wall behind your bed.
  3. Do Something fun. Do you remember what it was like to have fun? You need to get outside into nature, play with bubbles, hula hoop, paint, color, etc. When you have something fun to do, it lifts your mood.
  4. Play a game. It could be a board game, games on your tablet, or video game. Play a game and have some fun. Games allow you to take your attention off what is happening and challenges your time. My favorite games are time management games such as cooking challenges and task oriented.
  5. Get Creative Paint a picture. Build a deck on your house. Hang a shelf in the garage. Make a website. Bedazzle your jeans. Create a scrapbook. Create something and notice how it impacts your mood.
  6. Use affirmations. Fill your mind and attention with positive thoughts and ideas by using affirmations. Make a list of 10 positive things you can say to yourself and repeat them as much as you can. Whenever a negative thought appears, try using your affirmations and see what happens. You can also listen to positive affirmations on YouTube while you sleep.
  7. Interact with others. Avoid spending all of your time alone. At the very least, find someone online to chat with. Ideally, find someone you can see in the flesh and have a conversation with them.
  8. Brag on your self. Give yourself something positive to think about by remembering all the great things you’ve done. Remember the job promotion, helping out a friend, overcoming challenges or hitting your target goal.

Depression should be taken seriously, If you need to speak with a therapist we have several therapist specializing in anxiety, depression and stress.

Photo by Walter Torres from Pexels
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