Live Your Best Life in 7 Steps

We are all different. It’s not unreasonable to be different and live life on your terms. Its
hard step outside of what our culture deems to be acceptable and truthfully it can be a
little scary. If we don’t learn to live our life we find ourselves suffering with stress,
anxiety, panic attacks, depression and host of other mental health challenges.
Have you ever considered what your dream life would look like? It’s hard to
achieve your goals when you don’t know what they are. Lets explore how you can start
living your best life now.
Follow these steps to imagine the best life you could possibly have
and then live it:
1. Be true to yourself. You can’t live your best life if you’re pretending to be
someone or something that you’re not. The first step in living your best life is
to admit to yourself who you really are. Be honest about your likes, dislikes,
and dreams.
● Maybe you would like to live in a cabin in the woods and grow all of your
● Do you prefer animals to people?
● Would you like to live in the city or country?
● Do you love nature and long walks?
● Would you like to travel the world like a nomad without a home base?
● Do you want to spend all of your time and resources saving the planet?
● Does the idea of having children horrify you? Or would you like to try for
13 kids?
● Choose what appeals to you..

2. Make a plan. Relying on chance or luck is a losing game in the long run. If you
want a specific life, it’s important to choose it and then make a plan to get there.
Make a long-term plan that begins with something you can do today.
3. Execute your plan. Many people love to dream and plan. That’s the easy and
fun part. Unfortunately, few people ever take the first step in their plan. They
never get started.
● Take some sort of action each day outlined by your plan. You don’t have
to do an amazing amount of work each day to make significant progress
over time. A little each day eventually grows into substantial results.
● The hardest part is getting started, so ensure that you get started as soon
as possible. There will never be a perfect time to begin. Begin now and
make the best of it. Everything changes once you actually begin.

4. Learn from your mistakes. Neither you nor your plan is flawless. You will make
mistakes and try things that don’t work. That should be expected. Decide that
you’re going to learn from your mistakes, adjust your approach, and try again.
5. Focus. Keep your attention on those things that are relevant regarding your
plans. Reject nearly everything else.
● Why are you gossiping about your coworkers or neighbors?
● Still upset about how your ex cheated on you 13 years ago?
● Annoyed by the price of gasoline?
● What do any of these sorts of things have to do with achieving your goals
and attaining your dream life? (Nothing.)

6. Selfcare. Include time for selfcare and utilize your coping skills. Life transitions
can make us nervous but with a little practice and belief we can live our best life.

7. Finish. You can’t live your best life if you give up on your quest to attain it. Keep

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