I love my Self: Affirmation and Reflection Journal

This journal is filled with powerful affirmations and reflection questions to increase your abundance, manifestations and self-love. Each page has affirmations, motivations and reflections questions and space for writing out your thoughts. This journal is for anyone on a journal to deeper understanding of self and personal development.

My Big Book of Coping Tools: Self Care Tools

My Big Book of Coping Tools is filled with therapist curated and trusted tools for self care. Everyone needs coping skill they can use to add daily activities.

The book is filled with tools in several areas:
• Self Assessment―Asses where you are in your journey and create a plan to improve.
• Self Awareness―Are you aware of who you are and how you show up in the world. Utilize these tools to increase your awareness.
• Mindfulness and gratitude– The book includes mindfulness activities, practice, grounding and gratitude prompts.

My Happiness Workbook Paperback

My Happiness Workbook was created to help you find more joy in your daily life. We all can use more joy and happiness in our daily life. This book is filled with simple things you can do for 12 weeks to increase and improve your happiness.

The book is filled with 12 weeks of happiness tools including
• Using your strengths
• Practicing gratitude
• Connecting with others
• Using your creativity
• Mindfulness
• Learning new skills

At end of the 12 weeks you will have a plan to increase greater happiness.

Self Discovery Workbook: Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement?

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement? Our “Self Discovery Workbook” is here to help you tap into your full potential and achieve your goals.

This workbook is designed to help you identify your strengths, passions, and talents, and to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to turn them into action. With a focus on self-inspiration and self-achievement, the workbook will help you set and achieve your goals, and find the motivation and drive to pursue your dreams.

Self Discovery Workbook: Discovery your self and inner calls

My Brag Book planner is the ultimate tool for tracking and celebrating your personal achievements. With monthly achievement and thought reflection pages, you can stay motivated and focused on your goals.

And, with the included monthly brag vision pages, you can set and work towards your biggest aspirations.

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