7 Best ADHD Organizational Tools for Adults

7 Best ADHD Organizational Tools for Adults

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder whose many signs display the complications related to the brain’s executive functioning (skills that allow you to carry out what you want). The executive functions affected by ADHD range from task organization, prioritizing, and planning to self-monitoring, flexible thinking, emotional control, and impulse control. It is why an ADHD or ASD therapist will emphasize executive functioning coaching to help you improve your organization and planning capabilities.

Staying consistently organized is a huge challenge for almost everyone. In fact, 8.1% of U.S. adults are estimated to display ADHD symptoms at different points in their lives. An ADHD therapist understands that those with ADHD battle to achieve a decent degree of task organization which can be frustrating and causes anxiety. This emphasizes the importance of having effective ways of staying organized and achieving high productivity at home and at the workplace. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful ADHD organizational tools for adults to reduce this stress and eventual depression. Let us explore seven of the best ones that are very effective especially when used with executive functioning coaching!

Seven Best ADHD Organizational Tools for Adults

  1. Organization Apps

Apps provide an effective and easy way to stay organized by simply using your phone. ADHD organization apps such as Todoist, Asana, and Evernote allow you to set reminders and create lists to stay on track with your meetings, appointments, and chores by helping you to manage your time better. You can also use built-in clock apps on your phone if you do not want to clutter your phone by installing extra apps. You can use these clock apps to set alarms, track upcoming events, and also create to-do lists. Check out these recommended organization apps and install them in your phone!

  • Evernote

Evernote is a fantastic app for organizing your ideas. It lets you set reminders, search and save anything online, and create streamlined notes and lists. Those with ASD and ADHD can greatly reduce the distractions that come with toggling between various apps and lists, as any ADHD or ASD therapist might contend. This is because it lets them integrate with Slack, Gmail, Outlook, and Google Drive.

  • Asana

Asana is another great app for those with ADHD or ASD, as it allows them to easily break down bigger projects into actionable lists and simpler tasks. As a result, they minimize the chances of procrastinating due to a reduced feeling of overwhelm, anxiety, and eventual depression. Therefore, priority tasks can easily be executed on time.

  • Google Calendar

Google Calendar suits adults living with ADHD perfectly. Time blocking, setting appointments, tracking and scheduling meetings, makes organizing social events is incredibly easy. Google Calendar also provides them with features like creating a recurring schedule, setting suitable working hours, adding desired events from Gmail, and working with customized time zone preferences.

  1. Calendars or planners

Any ADHD therapist can tell you that calendars will be handy for anyone struggling with time management, procrastination, distractibility, anxiety, stress, depression, and forgetfulness. You can look at them as a central base that lets you prioritize, organize, and visualize all your tasks from one location. People with ADHD can use the old-fashioned, physical calendar by placing it on their work desk or putting an erasable whiteboard calendar at home. Alternatively, you can use an in-built planner on your smartphone if that’s a more effective method for you.

  1. Sticky Notes

Placing items, e.g., colorful sticky notes, in plain sight can be super helpful for those with ADHD as it can help them deal with forgetfulness. Place your Post-its on your computer to have the information you’ll frequently use near you. You can also place your sticky notes on your fridge to remind every family member of the chores you have assigned them.

  1. Labels

Labels are a lifesaver for those with ADHD and struggling with staying organized. For example, you can eliminate paper clutter on your work desk by labeling folders for various types of documents, e.g., invoices, banking documents, bills, etc. In addition, having labels on dry products, such as sugar, flour, pasta, etc., on your containers at home lets you monitor where each item is in your pantry or cabinets.

  1. To-Do Lists

Those living with ADHD or ASD can easily develop helpful habits and routines by using to-do lists, as any ASD therapist might tell you. In addition, remembering things becomes much easier for them because all they have to do is refer back to their to-do list and organize their tasks, steps to complete a project, what to bring to a tour, etc., accordingly.  

  1. Chore Charts

A chore chart works well for those living with ADHD as it provides a visual aid to allow them to prioritize tasks and remain organized. They also feel less overwhelmed because chore charts enable them to focus on a single task at a time by breaking down these tasks into smaller and more manageable chores.

  1. Accountability Buddies

An ADHD or ASD therapist might often recommend the buddy system. Enlisting a partner, friend, or colleague to help you stay organized and motivated is incredibly helpful if you have ADHD. For instance, you can ask them to monitor and sit by you when cleaning your room, organizing your work desk, etc. Have them remind you about your goal whenever they notice you are getting distracted and getting off track. This way, you will save time and be guaranteed to finish your chores on time.

Final Takeaway

Staying organized is undoubtedly not the most exciting thing on most people’s to-do lists. For those with ADHD, it can be even more challenging. An ADHD therapist can tell you that while remaining organized is difficult, it is not impossible. Our blog post offers a glimpse of the seven best ADHD organizational tools you can combine with executive functioning coaching to help you manage your typically stressful daily tasks and obligations. Select the most suitable one for you and bring more order into your life today!

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